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Tiago Depaula believes everyone should at least TRY if they even wonder what it would be like to do a specific ride or race.

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All training programs are built from scratch to help each individual athlete achieve their goals.

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Tiago Depaula

Tiago has been racing for 20+ years. He has competed at the pro-level for triathlons, duathlons, and the aquabike. He also race as a pro-cyclist for 9 years. He is the National Champion in duathlon, state champion in time trial. He won second place at the National Championship Offroad Triathlon and fourth place at the World Championship for aquabike.

Tiago owns Try Bike Shop and Depaula bikes. He enjoys both watching the progress of beginners and helping athletes obtain podium wins.


1-on-1 Coaching, Local & Remote Coaching, Bike Fit, Swim/Bike/Run Analysis, Swim Lessons


Portugese, English, Spanish

Athlete Requirements

Heart rate monitor, Access to the free version of www.trainingpeaks.com


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Tiago Depaula

Training Plans

There are many different training options to choose from

Evaluation $100*
Up to an hour evaluation or private lesson. The evaluation includes for one or more of swim, bike, and run. We evaluate your fitness and recommend training. Sign up
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
$200 Monthly $300 Monthly $400 Monthly
Swim, bike, & run evaluations Swim, bike, & run evaluations Swim, bike, & run evaluations
1 call or text a week (10 min cap on calls, 24 hour max response time) 2 calls or texts a week (10 min cap, 24 hour max response time) Unlimited texts and phone calls (12 hour max response time)
(You can talk to Tiago more than his wife does!)
Monthly Training Peaks plan Monthly Training Peaks plan Weekly Training Peaks plan
1x/month schedule update 2x/month schedule update 1 weekly schedule update
Workout with group 1 time per week** Workout with group 1 time per week** Workout with group 1 time per week**
1x Weekly Training Peaks reviews 2x Weekly Training Peaks reviews 4x Weekly Training Peaks reviews

**Training with a coach is done in a small group. Training will be changed based on racing and coaches schedule. Occasionally, it will occur during team training events depending on the week. Training sessions are usually 30-35 minutes long for run and swim. Biking sessions can last up to an hour.

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